Savita Bhabhi

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Arun uses his father’s invention, an invisibility watch for this.

A story about Kajal (Sridevi) lured by wealth insists.

A timeline of events after fatal gang rape that shook India – The brutal gang rape of a young woman on a moving New Delhi bus in 2012 exposed the scope of sexual violence in India and.

Yet, for a section of Indian women, age is not just a number.

Nidhi, for example, recalls her mother’s horror when she saw.

The Rev. William H. Barnwell, an Episcopal minister and writer well known for his activism against racism and injustice, died.

She is daughter of a Indian father and Pakistani mother.

get pushed out or get pushed into being nothing more than sex.

10 Top Biggest Scandals of Pakistan – Sita then gave birth to their daughter, Tyrian in June 1992, who Khan failed to accept as his daughter. The news of Khan’s.

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With more and more people – especially the urban, dedicated, tech-savvy cinema goers – questioning norms and seeking greater.

The big fat Indian wedding has been hit by COVID-19.

In Pune, a case was registered against the father of a young woman.

Yuma is a manga artist who is taken advantage of by her childhood friend and YouTube sensation, Sayaka, who passes off Yuma’s.